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Resource Pool Scenario Question?

At my work we currently don't utilize resource pools and we are coming to a point where it looks like we will need to use them. I have done a bunch of reading on resource pools but I haven't exactly found what I am looking for. Here is our scenario, we have a multi-tenancy environment and we have a customer that we will be dedicating a resource pool too. This is for their VDIs. We want to give them a resource pool with a 60GB RAM limit. Lets say they have 11 VDIs in this pool. Our goal is to give them the ability to have each VDI configured with 6GB of RAM. They often have people out of the office so one or two of the VDIs will be powered off. Instead of just giving them VDIs with 6GB of RAM and no resource pool (11 VDIs x 6GB RAM = 66GB RAM) we would rather give them a pool with 60GB RAM and take advantage of users who are not in the office.

So, the way I understand this is if I was to configure each user with 6GB of RAM and say all users were there that day, then there would be contention within the pool and we would see ballooning/swapping. Is there a way to configure it so the desktops use X amount of RAM, but have the ability to utilize more RAM if resources are available in the pool?

I assume I could set a reservation on each VDI of say 5GB of RAM and a limit of 6GB RAM, but if a desktop uses 6GB of RAM one day it won't end up giving back the 1GB if it isn't using it, correct? Plus, if I configure a VDI with 5GB of RAM and give it a limit of 6GB, won't it just use 5 since that is what the configuration was set as?

Hopefully I sorta make sense. We are just trying to sell them a pool of 60GB RAM and let them utilize it as they need instead of selling them the full 6GB RAM per desktop. I am just not sure how we accomplish this without have performance issues arise if all users are working during any given day.

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