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Need some help in merging datastores for VMotion

Hi Folks

Ok..  I have 3  ESXi 4.1 hosts.  Each host connects  a NAS storage system.  As I had some spare network board I loaded the NAS server (Open-E) with them to give more badwidth

Each host has it's own 1GB link to the NAS, and it's own IP

Host 1      --->  Open-E

Host 2      --->  Open-E

Host 3      --->  Open-E

In each host I modified the HOST files so that  CompDSS is mapped to the  Open-E IP

When creating datastores I used this  CompDSS:/VM1  where VM1 is the disk

So essentially each VM Host connects to the same physical location

Now.. I have just set up  VCenter Server.  I have added the 3 hosts and I can see the 3 Datastores (one on each Host), however

it looks like VCenter does not recognise it as the same location so I cannot VMotion from one host to another.. I have to Migrate changin the datastore.

If I was to do that then I would be writing over my existing data (Very Bad)

Can anyone suggest how I can do this.

Many Many thanks


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Check storage documentations to see how to configure it for multipath and for vSphere.

But seems that the problem could be in the network configuration where each host use a different target IP.


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