During svMotion, How to check temporarily CBT file size, and Is ctkEnabled = "disable" option no problem???

Hi, everyone!!

Storage vMotion(svMotion) is using CBT(Changed Block Tracking).

So, When some files are modified, Changing data file is temporarily saved in source datastore.

In my case, one VMDK 1.5TB of MSSQL VM is running in 2TB LUN. In the VMDK, ".NDB files are 400GB and 600GB


How can I check the temporary file size of CBT during svMotion ???

I worry that storage size over becuase of increasing file during inserting query to the *.NDB.


If "scsix:x.ctkEnabled = "disable"" option in *.vmx is configured, Is svMotion is no problem?

Only the 1.5TB VMDK file is configured.

( I know *.ctk files are made by backup solution. However, Any backup soution is not installed like VDP. it's amazing.)

I alrady refer the below documents. But, I do not  resolve my questions.

vSphere 5.0: Storage vMotion and the Mirror Driver

Under the Covers with Storage vMotion

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) on virtual machines (1020128)

Storage vMotion of a Virtualized SQL Server Database

Thank you to read my writing.

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