DRS VM-VM Affinity Rules - possible to use should instead of must like VM-Host Affinity Rules?

Is there a way to allow VM-VM affinity rules to use the same SHOULD behavior that VM-Host rules can leverage rather than MUST behavior?

VM to Host DRS rules have the option to "should run on this host" or "must run on this host" (also should not and must not). VM to VM affinity rules appear to only allow the "must" operative.

Is there a way to override this behavior whether by an advanced attribute or via the CLI to allow the same "should" behavior for VM to VM affinity rules as the VM to Host rules? The  vSphere Resource Management documentation uses the language "DRS tries to keep" in reference to VM-VM affinity rules, but the witnessed behavior is that it will not allow a powered-off VM to power-on if the DRS rule cannot be met. The HA Admission control is disabled for the cluster in question.

DRS cannot find a host to power on or migrate the virtual machine. This operation would violate a virtual machine affinity/anti-affinity rule.

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