vCloud Usage Meter stop collecting randomly


I was wondering if anyone have expirenced the same problem as us, and have a solution/workaround.

Our problem is that the collection proses randomly stops/hang and we have to reboot the VM to get I started again.

I’ve looked in the um.log file and it seems to happening after the samples are inserted:

2012-08-13 09:05:09,339  INFO [pool-5-thread-1] collect.ResultsSaver$: Inserted 127 samples

2012-08-13 09:05:13,491  INFO [VM collection] collect.Collector$: Done

2012-08-13 10:05:00,353  INFO [VM collection] collect.Collector$: Collecting

2012-08-13 10:05:08,320  INFO [pool-6-thread-1] collect.ResultsSaver$: Inserted 127 samples

2012-08-17 07:18:35,910  INFO [Thread-2] liftweb.Boot: VMware vCloud Usage Meter 2.3.2 starting

2012-08-17 07:18:39,454  INFO [Thread-2] collect.Collector$: Starting'

Thanks for any help in advance!

Brg, Per Kristian

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bumping as we have the same issue. I think it's memory related. The webserver keeps stopping.

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There are memory utilization issues with all versions of the Usage Meter prior to version 3.0.

We correctly most of these issues by having the collections run serial instead of parallel by default, modified the swap size and other configurations, autoconfigure JVM memory for appliance on power up based on memory allocated for virtual machine, expose JMX for monitoring memory utilization and other stats, and added health check tools to restart services if they appear to not be functioning properly.

Are you in a position where you cannot upgrade?  If so, we can pull together some configurations to make on 2.3 that should help with your uptime.

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