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We use vCloud Usage Meter to generate monthly reports for VSPP purposes, and this month the figure has dropped dramatically (ie from 1.3 million to 200k).

We were running 3.0.2 but I have upgraded today to 3.3 to see if it fixed the issue - unfortunately it has not.

We have 2x vCenters running 5.5.0 build-1378903 and 2x running 5.5.0 build-1750787.

I have noticed that if I try and export a detailed billing report for last month it stops on the 5th May at 08:20 and the last line of the exported file just says:

#Message Authentication Code: e48330afd18dab9ebb5aba15356c9b59f4010bcd85585d19da557038d96d6699

I'm guessing this is the sign of a problem but just wondered if this was a known problem before I logged a support call please?

I noticed that the release notes for 3.3 don't list vCenter 5.5 update 1a although saying that the first 5.5 u1a upgrade was done on the 13th May.

Thanks in advance

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Please file a support request so we can assist.  Thanks.

VMware - How to File a Support Request Online | United States

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