Usage Meter Monthly Usage report missing vRAM and state connection refused to vCenter within the report

Usage Meter Monthly Usage report missing vRAM and state connection refused to vCenter. However I can see its been successful.

There are a few failures in the monitor which relate to vCenter being rebooted.

How else are you supposed to get a report of the vRAM usage for submitting to VMware? I assume its too late now to get last months info.

Running Usage Meter 3.6.1 Build 11832189

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Could you please confirm the below scenarios,

  • The connected VC have Powered on VMs with activate state?
  • In UM appliance, which license category is used by vCenter Server - demo/Perpetual or VCPP ?


If assigned the license category is Demo/Perpetual then Reports will not have vRAM entries.

Thanks, Vinayaga.
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Itinferv,

For reporting: check with your aggregator on what's acceptable to submit. If you open a support request the GSS team can reach out to the Remediation team to create a report, but keep in mind they will be reviewing all of the past data for accuracy also.

Usage Meter can't retro-actively retrieve usage by design. It would probably have to be re-architected to retrieve past usage. Chargeback Manager for Service Providers can do it (retrieve past usage by up to 6 months) because, by design, it's querying the vCenter database directly for consumption data. Usage Meter in the meantime is making hourly queries for state changes along with keeping a view session open (EventsMonitor in the logs of Usage Meter). If it misses a collection, or if the view session is interrupted, we're then missing the data.

The information is in vCenter still through a virtual machine inventory list; Usage Meter's method is a bit more accurate than only exporting that list though.

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