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Questions about UM 3.6.1 API Token.

Q1. What is the difference between admin and user among API Token types?


         On page 26, "Provide API Access" specifies that Token's type is divided into Admin and User.

         Is there anyone who can explain the difference between the two?

Q2. Are there only add or revoke API token?

       API Token management seems important in the authentication of access as it can be inquired and generated through API.

       Is there a document detailing the life cycle and management methods of API Token in terms of access control/certification?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Here are the answers to your questions:

A1: There's no difference between the 2 token types - user and admin. They all give you access to the same REST APIs. These were defined before I joined the team and I cannot tell you what was their initial idea.

A2: Unfortunately there's neither ADD, nor REVOKE/DELETE REST API for dealing with the tokens. They don't expire and are valid until you regenerate token from the same type. Then the old one becomes obsolete.

For more information see the official UM REST API documentation - https://vdc-download.vmware.com/vmwb-repository/dcr-public/0e19bb1a-1bba-40dd-bd44-fc0ec25ad227/db0b...