Dinamyc Memory?

Hi People, thanks in advance. I have a really hard question, how usage meter calculate when a virtual machine change your ram in the period of the month, three times, for example?

We have a Service provider who allow to your customers change the vram of your virtual servers on demand, but, isn't very clear how usage meter count this server. Any Clue?

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Usage Meter captures the configured and reserved reservation values every hour and records those in the database local to the appliance.  At the end of the month, or specified time period, it adds up the memory configuration for every hour and displays details in reports.

If the user changes the memory configuration for the virtual machine, the new memory configuration will be recorded in the database for all new records until the memory configuration is changed again or until the virtual machine is powered off or suspended.

If the user changes the memory configuration and back to the original setting between hourly collections, then UM does not record any changes in the memory setting.

Please let me know if that answers your question.

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