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vxlan VIB automatically removed, weird situation

Hey everyone....I wanted to throw an odd situation that happened to us this past weekend. 

Background:  There was a SQL server problem, taking down our back end VCD database.  The DB was brought back up in a short period of time, however it was then noticed that the VXLAN vib was being removed from all of the hosts in VCD.  (Please note I wasn't here to see any of this, so I apologize for not having a deep level of detail).  From what my colleagues have told me, it appears as if vShield Manager (v5.5.3) decided it needed to start removing the VXLAN vib from the hosts and re-install it.  (I think they said the hosts were rebooting, too....but I'm not 100% on that)

I'm curious if anyone has seen this behavior in the past, and has any idea why vShield Manager would start removing the VXLAN vib on the hosts in the event of lack of connectivity to the back end SQL DB for VCD.  My colleagues opened a Sev1 ticket w/ VMware, but haven't received much assistance at all since Saturday.  I've been researching this issue, with not much luck at all. 

Again...curious.  We have fixed everything....it's just one of those times when you really want to understand why something happened.

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


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