vShield disconnected from vcenter !

I installed vshield and enabled Endpoint and connected Trend Micro Deep Security manager to vcenter & vshield, in the beginning everything went well.

I tested the connection between Trend Micro DS manager and the vshield and it was O.K.

Today, when I checked the vshield, I only found the old vms, vshield didn't take all the new vms were created.

even the vshield DS virtual appliance couldn't register to the vshield.

later, vshield icon stopped shown up in the vCenter panel, when I tried to download the Plug-in again to the vcenter, the following note appeared::

vshield vShield Manager
VMware Inc.
Network and Security Solutions
The following error
occured while
downloading the
script plugin from
The request failed
because the remote
server took too long
to respond. (The
operation has timed

Please Feed me Back with any solution or help available, as I need it to be done soon...

Thanks in Advance ...

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For no reason, vShield has back to vCenter after may tries !!

But still shows only the old vms.. none of the new vms is shown ...

Also, I have converted two of the old machines into Templets.. they still show up as vms not TEMPLETS !!!

Please know, I am using vshield 5.1 ....

Any helpe please ...

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