vShield Zones 1.0.1 and vSphere 4.0.U1

I've been trying to get vMotion working on vCenter 4.0.U1 / ESX 4.0.U1 to no Avail.

I've followed the Guide for manual installation (we use dvSwitches) and all traffic flows correctrly through the Protected/unProtected dvPortGroups/switches.

I enabled the vpxd.cfg settings mentioned in the kb1006701


but it doesn't help at all.

I've noticed on the kb (updated Jan 06 2010) that vSphere 4 / ESX 4 / vCenter 4 isn't mentioned. Does that mean that vSphere 4 won't work with vShield Zones and vMotion

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Since its been a month, I am figuring that you got this working. It should work. The only thing that I can think of is that you need to restart the vCenter services after changing the config file.

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