vShield Endpoint and Symantec

We currently use Symantec Endpoint Protection 11. I am very interested in looking at vShield Endpoint as it would take the per-VM installs and maintenance of the AV out of the picture. Does anyone have any information on what Symantec has in process for vShield Endpoint, or when something from Symantec will be available? It seems like Trend Micro has the only actualy product available at this point.


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Symantec doesn't have anything yet, but it is hoped that they will release something in 2011. It would be best to talk to your Symantec team about this and let them know how important it is to you.

VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Have a Look at this:

The IBM ISS Virtual

Security solution offers best of breed technology, no agent required on the VM,

total solution including virtual IPS etc

IBM Internet Security Solutions was also invited as one of

the key-note speakers on how to address security in the virtual environment at

this year’s VMWare summit that was held.

They have been appointed by VMWare as an

official security provider for VMWare environments with an API plug-in to


It protects the total virtual environment – hyper-visor,

management stack, virtual switches, vm’s etc.


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