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vCNS Edge "Quad Large"

I saw in the 5.5 release notes that there were a few Edge appliance changes, such as the X-Large now being 4 vCPU, 8gb of RAM, and now a "Quad Large" that is stated to provide "additional throughput over other form factors". I deployed one, and it seems to just be a 4vCPU and 1gb of RAM offering. While our findings in large system deployments have found us wanting in CPU only (with no need for more than 1gb of RAM), am I missing some advanced features or anything that this provides? Why didn't VMware call this an "X-large" and move the 4cpu/8gb RAM offering to be the "Quad large"?

Just curious before we go and start deploying this for clients (since the 4CPU and 8gb of RAM is largely a waste of 7gb of RAM in our cases).

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The order of sizing assumes that you're using all of the features of the Edge (LB, VPN, FW, Routing), and scales pretty linearly:

Compact = 1 vCPU / 512 MB

Large = 2 vCPU / 1024 MB

X-Large = 6 vCPU / 8192 MB

The sizing of the X-Large assumes that you're doing a lot of L7 load balancing.  Quad Large is its own special thing that falls outside the normal order.  The idea is that it is the same as a Large in most respects, but augmented with 2 additional vCPUs for additional throughput for straight forwarding and firewalling without a lot of L7 load balancing going on.  It was a common enough use case that they added it in.