upgrade multiple vShieldEdges using REST API

Hi all

We plan upgrading our vCloud 5.1 to 5.5.x.

An huge task would be upgrading the ~200 vShield Edges after update the vShieldManager.

In the vShield API dokumentation i found how upgrading to 5.1 using 2.0 API but nothing upgrading to 5.5.x..

In my understanding - after Upgrading vShield manager to 5.5.x there no more 2.0 API, only 3.0.

How can i upgrade the vShield Edges to 5.5.x using an API 3.0 script?

i already have created an filtred using GET https://x.x.x.x/api/3.0/edges



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As painful as upgrading 200 VSE's might be, I wouldn't dare to automate it! I had one update fail when I went from 5.1.2b to 5.5 VSE's. Nothing that fully took the VSE's offline, but I ended up in a state where I had one VSE at 5.5, and the other at 5.1.2. When it comes to a device that maintains the network, and will cause some (albeit limited) downtime we always have to carefully schedule updates with our tenants.

I think you can also kick off multiple update tasks in VSE just clicking on the VSE, hit "manage" then "update", and move on to the next one.