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accessing vShield Manager on https /global/login

I am one of those lucky ones to test beta redwood (vCloud Service Director). One of the steps required when setting up redwood is to connect to an instance of vShield Manager va.

unfortunately, I get the error message when connecting to vSM on its IP and in the error log of redwood I get:

"VSMCLIENT-1.0.3 doLogin; URI :"

VSMCLIENT-1.0.3 verify; Message : Returning from hostname verification.

VSMCLIENT-1.0.3 doLogin; Response :HTTP/1.1 404 /global/login

I can ping and telnet to 443 on vSM, I can access vSM console np but when running manually it throws 404 which indicates that directory does not exist.

Does anybody know if /global/login exists by default on vSM? Does anybody know the way to access the file system from CLI of vSM to possibly see Catalina's config and the existance of directories and folders being requested by redwood?



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Thank you for your message, I'm out of the office on holiday until 6th September. If you require urgent assistance please refer to the following contacts or alternatively I shall reply upon my return.

UK Government MSS -

Other Projects -

Technical Assistance - 01256 732999

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