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Upgrade issues from 5.1.2 to 5.1.2a

I am trying to upgrade my environment from a vShield Manager version of 5.1.2 to 5.1.2a

I have used the upgrade bundle 997359 and it has successfully upgraded my vShield manager (So it says)

The problem is that none of the vShield App machines show an update option.

I have followed the KB Update link in vShield Manager is not available if vShield App upgrade fails (2041446) but it has made no difference.

My vShield APP VMs are showing an installed version level of 5.1.2-896234

Can anyone confirm that this is the correct version level for a 5.1.2a patch environment?

Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it?


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we moved from 5.1.2a to 5.5, and our vShield App's are listed as "5.1.2-896234", so yes you are correct. You also might want to consider updatting to 5.5, they fixed a ton of things.

VMware released 5.1.2A, B, C, but only A was available to the public.

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