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Can anyone advise if I can do this with Vshield?  I am getting thins from a developer hosting on some servers in our data center.

We need to maintain session stickiness for users as they switch back and forth between http and https.  Is it possible to do this with a method other than IP hash?  We would like to avoid IP hash because of concerns of it not working for companies with multiple gateways/proxies and/or mobile users who may switch networks during a session.

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If they are talking about a web server session, then that is entirely up to the web server unless you are using vCNS load balancing, then I do not think so. Session stickiness between protocols I do not think is supported but this is something you will have to test. The best thing to do in this case is attempt it, and see if things work as the developer expected. If in the webserver, that is a webserver issue, in the LB, then a vCNS issue.

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