Install vShield Component Licenses

I have downloaded vshield manager 5.5 .Ova and log in to vshield inteface. In installatin guide documentaion is mentioned that:


You must install a CIS or vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) license before installing vShield App

and vShield Edge. The vSphere license includes a license for vShield Endpoint. You can install these licenses

after vShield Manager installation is complete by using the vSphere Client.


1 From a vSphere Client host that is connected to a vCenter Server system, select Home > Licensing.

2 From the Management tab, select Asset.

3 Right-click a CIS or vCNS asset and select Change license key.

4 Select Assign a new license key and click Enter Key.

5 Enter the license key, enter an optional label for the key, and click OK.

6 Click OK.

7 Repeat these steps for each vShield component for which you have a license.


But there is no any aaset in licencing section of vsphere client...

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Have you registered the vCenter in vshield?

Once you do this the asset will show up.

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