How is Vshield Edge Licensed

We are considering purchasing Vshield Edge, to provide two main functions. 1) Setup a DMZ and then established rules between the DMZ and the internal network 2) Setup firewall rules between existing VLANs.

I noticed Vshield Edge is sold in packs for 25 VM's. We have over 100 VM's in our environment but only plan to have few in the DMZ. Do I need to provided licenses for just the protected zone or the whole Vmware environment?


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Like you say, vshield edge uses per VM licence, independent of the amount of the enviroments that you create in.

Take care that you apply the licence per vcenter. And you distribute this to the enviroment that depends from this vcenter.

follow this KB


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Yep...you just need a license to cover the number of VMs that you will be protecting with vShield Edge.

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