Get EDGE statistics from vShield Manager API.


Sorry, for my English 😃

I want get network stats of interfaces vShield EDGE.

In docs, for example:


Query Statistics for Uplink Interfaces

Retrieves statistics for all uplink interfaces between the specified start and end times. When start and end time

are not specified, all statistics since the vShield Edge deployed are displayed. When no end time is specified,

the current vShield Manager time is set as endTime. Each record has the stats of 5 minutes granularity.

GET https://<vsm-ip>/api/3.0/edges/<edgeId>/statistics/interfaces/uplink

Request Body:



          <startTime>1336068000</startTime> <!-- in seconds -->

          <endTime>1336100700</endTime> <!-- in seconds -->

          <interval>300</interval> <!-- 5 mins interval -->





In docs used GET request, but in GET Request i cant't use Request Body.

How i can specify start and end time?

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Hi Andrey,

Hopefully you've found the answer to this already.  If not, I'm reasonably certain that you can get the results you want like this:


Where '1336068000' is the time in seconds.

The documentation needs to be changed, because I read it the same way as you did - it seems to be saying that I need to send a Body in the GET request!



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

If you have vC Ops you can obtain the vCNS Management Pack from the solutions exchange to monitor these exact metrics. Smiley Happy

Jonathan Twitter: @jfranconi
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