ESX datastore space used as a Windows Share?

I have two ESX servers and a group of Vm's for View running Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2, SQL, Etc. My questions is this. Can I use space from a VMFS partition on one of my ESX servers to allocate space and setup a mapped/shared drive? Our ESX server has over 500GB of free space and I would like to setup a company shared folder. We do have a SAN setup but most of the space is allocated to View hosts.

If this is possible, is it something I would need to re-format and setup the ESX server again? Since all the space was allocated at once I would assume so? But I have no clue. I am still relatively new to the VM world 😃

Any help is appreciated! :smileymischief:

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Hi Benjamin,

Welcome to the forums.

You can't share the space in a VMFS datastore directly. What you can do is to create a virtual disk on this datastore, attach it to a virtual machine and share this space using the guest operating system.

Hope it helps.