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Add multiple SNAT rules for vShield Edge in vCLoud environment

Greetings all,

I have my vApp (NAT and FW enabled) with 2 VMs working within my Org network and is able to route out using my external network.  (A big thanks goes to  www.gabesvirtualworld.com!)

Within my Edge device, I've created DNAT 1-to-1 mappings of the Sub-Allocate IPs to  the Org NW IPs.  (See enclosed screenshot.)

In the near future I need to deploy vApps for 100's of developers that need to have many if not all of the ports open.  Especially RDP.

I would like an easier way to add all of the DNAT mappings instead of adding them one by one via the gui.  I've looked at the vShield Manager and have not found a way to input all of these entries.    I've also looked at the REST API and can't get it to work.  Would it be possible to add these entries via the CLI on the Edge gateway itself?

Can I connect to the Edge device via SSH/telnet and add the NAT rule entries?



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