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Export/Import Org Networks and Shared?

Has anyone got ideas on exporting the details of all Org Networks within an Organiztion and/or importing them from CSV?  I get requests for this, but do not know Get-CIView very well.

The first OvDC controls the Org Network it builds, "shared" networks within the Org have to be rebuilt if the first OvDC needs to be deleted/rebuit; it would be nice to have a rebuild script for private cloud deployments.  Also, is there switch to "share" with other Org Networks?  I can't find it in the CLI listing of Get-OrgNetwork.

$report = @()


$OrgNetInfo = “” | Select Name, Org, NetworkPool, Gateway, PrimaryDns, Netmask, StaticPool, Description

$OrgNetInfo.Name =
$OrgNetInfo.Org =
$OrgNetInfo.NetworkPool =
$OrgNetInfo.Gateway =
$OrgNetInfo.PrimaryDns =
$OrgNetInfo.Netmask =
$OrgNetInfo.StaticIPPool =
$OrgNetInfo.Description =

$OrgNetInfo.Shared =

$report += $OrgNetInfo
$report | export-csv “C:\OrgNet.csv” -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You can gather IsShared through:

$orgNetwork = Get-OrgNetwork <OrgNetworkName>

$OrgNetInfo.Shared = $orgNetwork.extensiondata.isshared

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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