Installation of VMware tools into a OpenFiler Guest

Installation of VMware tools into a OpenFiler Guest

To all:

This is my success story with installation of the VMware Tools onto a a OpenFiler NAS. Here is the config that I worked with:

ESX: 3i Build 3.5.0 130775

OpenFiler 2.3 x64 version

Now this might be a little simple for your Linux Admins, but it should be a step by step process for all others out there.

I am assuming that the OpenFiler is installed and running.

  1. Go to the console and log on as root

  2. Update the kernel to the latest version (Not sure if this is necessary, but did it anyway)

    1. conary update

    2. REF:[]

  3. Reboot the system, then log on again as root

  4. Update all of the packages on the system with the following command:

    1. conary updateall

  5. Install a C complier for this distro with the following command:

    1. conary update

    2. the path of rmake will be /usr/bin/rmake (remember that for later when you install the tools)

    3. REF:

  6. Go to mount directory /mnt. and create a new directory called cd (mkdir cd)

  7. Start the VMware Installation tools from the VI client

  8. Mount the VMware tools with the following command:

    1. mkdir /dev/cd

    2. mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cd

  9. Go to your mounted cdrom, copy the tar file and then extract it. The build number of the VMware tools is specific to your version installed

    1. cd /mnt/cd

    2. cp VMwareTools-3.5.0-130755.tar.gz /tmp

    3. cd /tmp

    4. tar xvf VMwareTools-3.5.0-130755.tar.gz

    5. cd vmware-tools-distrib

    6. ./

  10. This will start the intallation process, and it should all go well, choose the default locations for all of the requests.

  11. When the questions come up for a compiler like gcc or a c complier for the components like vxnet and the other stuff, it will fail. When the scripts ask you if you would like to choose a specific location, enter Yes

  12. Enter the path of /usr/bin/rmake

  13. Re-enter path of rmake if needed for the rest of script.

  14. It should finish and then volia! the tools are installed.

  15. Check your VI client, it should show OK on the tools

  16. Reboot, and you should be fine



I had many problems installing a build environment for the VMware tools on a cacti rPath appliance, and then I discovered a prebuilt open-vm-tools package:

  1. conary update open-vm-tools

  2. shutdown -r now

Much easier.

Anyone had any success with ESXi 4.0?

I've had nothing but trouble here:


{standard input}:4968: Error: symbol `parent' is already defined

{standard input}:4980: Error: symbol `data' is already defined

{standard input}:4998: Error: symbol `count' is already defined

{standard input}:5040: Error: symbol `count' is already defined

make[2]: *** Error 1

make[1]: *** Error 2

make[1]: Leaving directory `/lib/modules/'

make: *** Error 2

make: Leaving directory `/tmp/vmware-config0/vmmemctl-only'

Unable to build the vmmemctl module.

run conary updateall

Then run

conary update gcc

And after that you should be able to install the latest version of VMware-Tools from the perl script without it complaining about gcc. I just got done doing it, VMCI failed, but everything else works.

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