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Hello Group,

I wanted to test the new supported ISCSI Feature in VCB 1.03, but it doesn't work for me. I'm using Openfiler as ISCSI Target and the MS ISCSI Software Initiator for connecting to the LUNs. In previous Versions ISCSI full backup went fine, but in the actual Version vcbmounter cannot find the LUN. In Disk Management all LUNs are visible and I have access.

Are there any new parameters for vcbmounter?? I also cannot find a new Documentation of using ISCSI with VCB.

Output follows:

C:\PROGRA1\VMware\VMWARE4>vcbMounter.exe -a name:server03 -t file -L 6 -r C:\mnt\SERVER03 -h 192.168.XX.XX -u administrator -p XXX

\[2007-08-20 14:35:57.890 'App' 3916 info] Current working directory:C:\PROGRA1\VMware\VMWARE4

\[2007-08-20 14:35:57.921 'BaseLibs' 3916 info] HOSTINFO: Seeing Intel CPU,numCoresPerCPU 2 numThreadsPerCore 1.

\[2007-08-20 14:35:57.937 'BaseLibs' 3916 info] HOSTINFO: numPhysCPUs is 0, bumping to 1.

\[2007-08-20 14:35:57.937 'BaseLibs' 3916 info] HOSTINFO: This machine has 1 physical CPUS, 1 total cores, and 1 logical


\[2007-08-20 14:35:57.968 'vcbMounter' 3916 trivia] Initializing SSL context

\[2007-08-20 14:35:57.968 'BaseLibs' 3916 info] Using system libcrypto, version 90703F

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.062 'App' 3916 info] Vmacore::InitSSL: doVersionCheck = true, handshakeTimeoutUs = 120000000

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.062 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Connecting to host on port 902

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.500 'vcbMounter' 3916 verbose] Connected to stream: \[class Vmacore::Ssl::SSLStreamImpl:01634DA8]

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.515 'BaseLibs' 3188 warning] \[Vmdb_Unset] Unsetting unknown path: /vmomi/

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.609 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Authenticating user administrator

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.812 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Logged in!

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.843 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Attempting cache lookup.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:18.843 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Attempting traversal search.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.593 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Found VM using traversal search.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.593 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Got VM MoRef

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.609 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Got access method

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.625 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Got coordinator object

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.640 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Attempting data access.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.812 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] No snapshot info for this VM, nothing to do.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:25.812 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Creating snapshot

\[2007-08-20 14:36:33.796 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Snapshot created, ID: snapshot-1613

\[2007-08-20 14:36:33.796 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Mount operation created snapshot.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:33.875 'vcbMounter' 3916 verbose] Found a device: vim.vm.device.VirtualLsiLogicController

\[2007-08-20 14:36:33.906 'vcbMounter' 3916 verbose] Found a device: vim.vm.device.VirtualDisk

\[2007-08-20 14:36:34.000 'vcbMounter' 3916 info] Mount operation obtained backup info.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:39.984 'vcbMounter' 3916 error] Error: Error while opening disk blklst://snapshot-1613\[openfiler-200g]

server03/server03.vmdk@ A virtual disk could not be opened. -- Cannot open disk file: Error : D

isk library failed (One LUN could not be opened). Unable to open 'blklst://snapshot-1613\[openfiler-200g] server03/server

03.vmdk@'. Failed to configure disk scsi0:0.

\[2007-08-20 14:36:40.000 'vcbMounter' 3916 error] An error occurred, cleaning up...

\[2007-08-20 14:36:50.968 'vcbMounter' 3916 verbose] Shutting down VMDB service...

\[2007-08-20 14:36:50.968 'vcbMounter' 3916 verbose] Unregistering callback...

\[2007-08-20 14:36:50.968 'vcbMounter' 3916 verbose] ...done

Anyone have an idea why it won't work?



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we just upgraded to the new vcb release and all of a sudden my backups are not working. Using Netbackup, getting the following error when running the vcbmounter command. Here's the error message, it differs from Weili's above where instead of failing to open LUN I get an unspecified error.

\[2007-08-28 15:13:29.114 'vcbMounter' 3464 error] Error: Error while opening disk blklst://snapshot-12308\[datastore1] servername/server.vmdk@vcbhost?xxxx/

xxxx: A virtual disk could not be opened. -- Cannot open disk file: Error : Disk library failed (Unspecified error).[/b] Unable to open 'blklst://snapshot-12308\[datastore1] servername/server.vmdk@vcbhost'. Failed to configure disk scsi0:0


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please ensure that you upgrade your ESX server and Virtual Center to the latest - ESX 3.0.2, Virtual Center 2.02 and VCb 1.0.3. I was having problems with new VCB in one of my clusters where I had upgraded the software and VC only, not the host servers. Upgrading all hosts on my other side of the cluster resolved this issue.

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resolved. See message to michael below. Upgrade all ESX hosts to 3.0.2, as well as VC to 2.02 and VCB to 1.0.3. This is provided VCB was working prior to the upgrade

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