vSphere Web Client - Cannot Edit Guest Customization Network Settings

In the vSphere thick client, the end-user can do the following-

1. Deploy virtual machine from template

2. Customize using an existing customization specification

3. Use the Customization Wizard to temporarily adjust the specification before deployment

4. Can modify all settings of the customization and then deploy. In this case, we need to modify the IP settings.

In the vSphere web client, the end user can do all of the above outside of modifying the settings of the customization. One can use the "Create new specification from existing one", but this results in the new specification being automatically saved instead of just being discarded as a one-time deal as the thick client does. When setting the customization specification to ask the end-user for an IP, that is it, you can only input the IP. You cannot change the subnet, gateway, or IP.

Is there something we are doing wrong? Basically, the one thing we want to do when utilizing the customization specification is change the IP(we do not use DHCP for servers), subnet mask, and gateway. All of this can easily be done in the thick client using the example above.

Thanks in advance for any help on this and embarassed if this is a user-error issue.

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Hi there,

Just curious - are you using a custom role or one of the built in ones? If its a custom role then are you able to share the Privileges that are configured.

Thanks in advance.

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