vCenter moving VMs to stressed hosts

Hi Guys.

I have a query. I have 8 hosts in a cluster. They are IBM x3650s. 4 have 113GB RAM and 4 have 192GB. I am finding now that DRS does not balance the VMs that great.

It seems to move more heavy usage servers to an over utilised hosts. leaving the newer servers with very little load.

Are there any settings I could try to try and balance the vms out a little better ? It is causing some service problems at peak times.

Thank yo.

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Have you set the DRS to fully automated with 3 star priority. If not please change that and let us know.

If you have set it to 3 star and still your facing the issue. first i would request you to turn OFF DRS and turn ON DRS

Next would be check the VMs if you have set any memory or CPU limitation.

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Thanks & Regards Dharshan S VCP 4.0,VTSP 5.0, VCP 5.0
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