vCenter VCSA 6.7/7 Service Health problems

Hi all,

I've been struggling for days with this issue and reading several KB articles but none helped to fix it.

I am deploying a new vCenter VCSA so I have kind of freedom to decide which version should I use, 6.7 or 7.0. Both show similar errors, though. It is worth noting that the following set up worked on previous versions of my project (being vCenter 6.7 the chosen version) but now, after creating the new vCenter instance, it is giving some problems.

After the installation, I want to add vCenter to my domain (which is on a semi-isolated network) in order to be able to authenticate with domain users:

- I added a second network interface to my VCSA and configured it. OK

- I added vCenter to the Domain. OK

- I added domain as Identity source and added domain admins to the administrators group. OK

At this point, I am sometimes able to log in as but after a while both Postgres Archiver and PSC get degraded. (The main difference between VCSA 6.7 and 7.0 is that on this last one, Postgres Archiver looks fine)


If I reboot the appliance, I get the services healthy again most of the times and I can log in as a couple of times more, before the service is degraded again.

I verified that wal_sender_timeout = 600, as this article on KB said and I am not getting the error on the logs.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? Where can I look for PSC service logs?

Thanks in advance!

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