vCenter Server upgrade 6.5 => 6.7: Error "The specified account already exists"


I am trying to upgrade a vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller to v6.7.019275 on a Windows Server 2012 R2. During the removal step of old software components, I encounter the error "The specified account already exists" for "vmware-imagebuilder.msi". I identified two recorded events in the Windows Event Viewer:

  • MSI Installer: Error 1013 - The specified account already exists.
  • Product vmware-imagebuilder - Error 1316. The specified account already exists.

I tried this fix from Microsoft and could successfully remove the VMware Imagebuilder, so that the upgrade process finishes with the old software removal step. However, in the subsequent installation of the new versions, I receive an error "Failed to setup service account for service user: imagebuilder" and the upgrade is aborted and rolled back subsequently.

Now I am stuck. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this issue? Any help is very appreciated.

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Your mistake is that you're trying to upgrade vCenter on Windows when 6.7 is end-of-life as of 6.7. You need to take this opportunity to migrate from 6.5 Windows vCenter to the 6.7 vCenter Server Appliance where, not only will this not occur, but you'll be in a more future-proof situation.