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Hi Folks,

I want to migrate my existing vCenter 5.1 to vCenter6.

I have deployed the VCSA 6 appliance and configured it.

The next task is to create/copy folder structure ( virtual datacenters, blue folder,etc ) with roles and permissions from old VC server to new one.

I found some PowerCLI scripts, most of them are talking about copying roles and permissions but not about the folder structure creation.

I have round 150 datacenters in my old vCenter server.

Is there any simplest way to accomplish this?

Please Suggest.

Thanks in Advance.

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The better and efficient approach is to

Step1: Upgrade vCenter 5.1 to vCenter 5.5.x

Step2: Perform migration of  5.5.x to 6.0u2(sunrise migration)

the sunrise migration deploys new vcsa 6.0 and migrates entire vCenter 5.5.x data to new vcsa6.0 appliance

the following link can help

About vSphere Migration


Thanks Pradeep,

Unfortunately. the VCSA 6.0 has already been deployed. It is deployed in a different vcenter server, which is not managed by us.

Is it possible to export and import the complete folder structure from old to new vCenter?

I found some scripts to export and import ONLY Roles and Permissions but found nothing that can help with the export/import of the complete structure.

The structure is as shown below. These folders are in Hosts and Clusters view.













Thanks in Advance.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This fling was developed long back in vSphere 4.1 time frame: InventorySnapshot

Please see if it can help you. If above does not work, let me know I can give a try on developing a script to achieve your requirement.

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