vCenter Appliance 6.7 Update 2c ( (Build 14070654) - Health Checks - Online Health Connectivity - Internet Disabled when it is NOT!


I am getting Internet Disabled but my vCenter Server has direct internet access which is working OK for Update Manager downloads/etc.


Does anyone know the IP address or URL this test checks to determine if the vCenter Server is online or not?

Again, my internet access is direct, so not a proxy issue.

This is NOT a vSAN environment - vSAN is disabled.

The site firewall does NOT generally allow outbound ICMP, so it the test is expecting a PING response then I need to know.

If I ssh to the vCenter Server and test outbound https, using wget I get a valid response and the page is downloaded OK.

Also, if anyone knows the logfile name & location that these health check test results are save to, could they advise that too?

Many Thanks


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I have the same issue. Granted it used to work fine for a year or so, then in the last few months is when it stopped. May have been after upgrading..

Nothing changed on my proxy side and nothing is blocked from the proxy side.

I too can wget etc.

The vmware docs just say it needs to connect to the domain.  so *

When I have time, I will be opening an SR. 

I am also thinking of upgrading vcsa yet again to the newest as in vcsa admin shortly after upgrading last time (6months ago?) I still see 2 services "Healthy with warnings"

I didn't have this until upgrading from 6.5 to 6.7

I did read about issues after upgrading from 6.5 to 6.7 I just forget what they are, and will have to revisit.


I am on

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