vCSA 5.5 will not permit addition of third host with vSphere Essentials

Hi to All,

I am encountering a problem with adding a third host with vSphere Essentials and vCSA. The hosts (two dual cpus, one single cpu) have been upgraded to ESXi 5.1, and a clean installation of vCSA 5.5a (including database and VUM) was done. After adding the first two hosts (one dual cpu, one single cpu), vCSA licensing correctly shows assignment of 3 of 6 licenses. Adding 3rd host (dual cpu) initially proceeds without a problem, but then several minutes later, this host disconnects. When I try to reconnect, I get the message that "...edition of vCenter only support 3 hosts in the inventory...". If I now remove this same host and try to add it back again (dual cpu), a message appears saying that I have only 1 cpu left. Meanwhile, the licensing tab still properly shows that I have used up on 3/6 assignments. I am stumped by this one.

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