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unable to log on to web client due to expired certificates :(

Running vCenter 5.5 with full installation. I used KB2096030 to no avail. I've created the certificates using the same template that was successfully used last time the certificates were created, but when I try to use the ssl-updater tool, I get an error about the token service rejecting the certificate when i try to update the single sign on SSL. My thought is that the STS service is rejecting the certificate because it's .jks truststore is expired as well. Unfortunately, I can't replace the .jks file as i'm only able to do that when logged in via the web client.

i've tried re-installing the entire application, but when I try to use the same databse, it fails since the certificates are expired as well.

if anyone has any thoughts I am all ears. I could use a bit of help with this one.




just for anyone else in my shoes, i was able to replace the keystore by rolling the date back to a valid date/time and log on to the console from the localhost.I am now replacing the rest of the certs for each service.

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