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test / alert for DRS in manual state

I came in to find DRS set to manual this morning. Looks like it has been that way for a day or so. Machines were quite happy to move around once I set it to auto.

Is there any way I can easily set up a test for DRS and HA to alert someone when they are disabled, or is it one of those things that you have to just check on?

Personally I want to know if either one is not enabled / running as to me it means something is not right.

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There isn't a way for VC to monitor your cluster events. If you can get your VC events exported into your Windows Application log (similar to this link from Jase), then you could use a application that parses the event logs to look for those events.

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Well, that blog post, is primarily for error events.

I'd suggest looking at the VPX_EVENT table in your VCDB.

I don't recall the event type for reconfiguring DRS (and I'm not going to modify mine to find out), but you could create a SQL trigger that will send you an e-mail when a record is inserted into that table that matches that type of event.

That's how I'd approach it.

Also, you should be able to query that table to see what Yahoo changed it as well.

Then I'd handle that aspect of the issue.



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