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required ports for external firewall

All I need is a complete listing of the network ports required for an external firewall to pass traffic to vCenter from the vSphere web-client and vSphere hosts.   This information used to be readily available and easily digestible.   Now, when I search for it, I keep coming up with poorly documented partial listings that don't show source and destination end points that would use the ports.   

Here is a link to the so called "definitive port guide"  but where is the listing for vCenter?    if you think selecting vSphere option will show you what ports are in use between vCenter and the web client you are mistaken, some are shown, but the focus is on vSphere host, not vcenter and client traffic too..   I have a list of ports that have been defined in the past which I am trying to audit as we move forward to 6.7 and 7.0 releases, and I can't even validate some of them now..  

Why has it become so difficult to simply list the ports required with a source and destination that makes sense?   If you think this has been done adequately by VMWare please reply with a link to your proof..  


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