remove "Select Clone Options" from the new VM wizard


I'm trying to create an environment where end users can deploy their own test VMs.

I do not what them changing the VM hardware configuration when they deploy from a template.

So far I have been able to prevent this, However an issue comes up when they check the box to "Customize this virtual machine's hardware"

in the new VM wizard.

all 3 boxes are present in the wizard on the select clone options page:

Customize the operating system

Customize this virtual machine's hardware

Power on virtual machine after creation

when they select "Customize the operating system" and click next they get a nice error message saying they can't do that.

the wizard stays active and they can uncheck the box and proceed

This is good.

however when they select "Customize this virtual machine's hardware" and click next they are permitted to proceed to customize hardware screen

They are allowed to create a new HDD and add a new HDD. ( these permissions are needed to clone a VM / template )

the error comes up when they then proceed to the end of the wizard.

the wizard closes with out an error, then the user gets this message.

"Permission to perform this operation was denied.


What the ideal solution would be is to prevent the "Select Clone Options" page from even showing up.

I don't mind them powering on the VM when the close is done but I do not want them to customize the OS or hardware from the template.

A better error message would work in the wizard, similar to the use case of checking Customize the operating system.

also, after the user gets the error I can't find the failed task in the events or tasks view.

I'm running vCenter 6.7

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time

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I think it is better to have a look on vRealize automation as it is used for such demand. You can prepare your blueprints based on templates, and have the users request to deploy their VMs from the portal without having to interact through all the cloning wizard.

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I tried this, but I can't install vRealize Operations because my hosts are not clustered.

I have 6 hosts and they are all running with direct attached storage. we did not buy the vSAN license so we can't cluster them.

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vRealize Operations is not the same as vRealize Automation (which was the suggested approach)

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I see the difference now. Thanks for pointing that out.

I looked into setting up a vRealize Automation appliance. The task is bigger than I have time for at the moment.

I was hoping there would be a simple way to remove the checkbox from the wizard, or get the correct error to show up.

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