question in installing vcenter sever 5.5 first time

Dear Team

I am installing vmware vcenter server version VMware-VIMSetup-all-5.5.0-1750795-20140201-update01  DVD

I install active directory & DNS server  on win 2008 R2  VM

I install vcenter server using simple install in win 2008 R2 x64  vm on workstation 10.0.3

everything in installation end successfully as I get message meaning that

I install vsphere on different servers and more than 5 times

but every time it can't detect any hosts or data-center

and the moving line which is marked with yellow in snapshot move without end

In virtual appliance  it work fine and I could add the esxi hosts successfully

can any one support or advise as soon as possible as we are working on POC in our company for this product

I work in vcenter 4 and It work successfully with me but we want to check about the latest version



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How do you login to vCenter? The default is administrator@vsphere.local

Have you created a datacenter and registered your hosts?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

It appears from your picture you have not created a datacenter. You will need to create a datacenter first and then manually add your ESXi hosts into that datacenter by either their IP or DNS name. Assuming all the requirements are met you can then create a cluster for HA.

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