no DSN which can be used during installation

Hi there,

I'm now installing vcenter server 4.0, the objective is not using the 2005 express comes with the media, here are the setup:


Win 2k8 R2 + SP1, MS SQL 2k8 R2 clean installation


Win XP SP3

I followed the documentation prepared a database on the SQL, also setup ODBC system DSN on the vCenter, the ODBC indicate no problem with it connecting with the SQL's DB which is VCDB. However, during the installation, it saids there's no DSN which can be used during installation just as shown on the screenshot.

I'm aware about 32bit and 64bit, but as my vcenter will be XP so there shouldn't be any issues of such.

Am I missing something here? I also found that MDAC 2.8 is not required for XP which has SP2 and 3 installed.

Current ODBC SQL driver version is 2000.85.1132.00

Many thanks!

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Check HCL, I'm not sure that vCenter 4.0 support SQL 2008 R2.

Or switch to vCenter 4.1


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