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i am planning a new install as follows, please let me know if you see a problem with the configuration.

three new server, two running esx and one running windows 2003 32-bit enterprise for vcb.

first esx will host most virtual machines, second esx will act as "backup" for DRS/HA in case first one gets overloaded.


active directory domain controller running as vm on second esx and also on the vcb machine.

(i imagine running windows dc on vcb is supported?)

for running vc, should i load vmware server on the windows machine or should i install as vm on second esx?

i understand that vc will not run on vcb machine....

i also plan on running sql in a vm on the second esx server


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"second esx will act as "backup" for DRS/HA in case first one gets overloaded" - If you are using HA/DRS then the clustering will take care of the load and balance the VM's across the resource pool.

For VC, it can run as a VM, giving it all of the features such as vmotion, ha, etc. that vm's give you... I would not load vmware server. SQL will be fine in a VM, there are many posts and white papers reguarding performance.



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Well first off, DRS will allow you utilize both ESX hosts - In regards to the DC controllers I believe you can run DC on VCB but and option is to virtualize both brcause with DRS settings allows you to keep vms on seperate esx hosts so you are protected if an ESX host fails - and also in tems of VC you can tun that as a virtual machine as well since a running VC server is not required for HA to work - it is only used to conifgure manage and monitor an HA cluster - the HA functionality is pushed down to the ESX host - just make sure you are backing up the VC database -

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