help with custom cluster alarm

Hi all,

Been a while since I've posted...had a question about alarms.  vSphere 4.1 vCenter version...We recently found a gap in our monitoring where someone changed the DRS from automated to manual.  No idea how long it was set like that (logs didn't go back far enough).  Even if I found any changes I don't think it would have told me specifically what was changed since I get a generic "reconfigure cluster" message when I change something on the cluster.  Anyway, we know someone changed this manually since we always have this set to automated with 3 star recommendations.

I want to be notified from now on any time someone makes a change in the "edit settings" section of the cluster properties.  I was able to set up an alarm for the cluster with the trigger being the "cluster reconfigured" option.  I tested and the alarm does work, however I only get a generic email alert that there has been a reconfiguration on the cluster.  I was kind of hoping for something more specific like WHAT was changed.

Is this just a limitation of the alarms for monitoring a cluster?  Am I missing something?  My feeling is that I can't do much about getting more specific results.  Does vSphere 5.x offer greater detail?  I'd rather not guess what was changed, I would like to know.

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