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adding a Haswell host to vSphere 6, vGPU cluster for Horizon desktops

I have a vSphere 6 cluster containing two Sandy Bridge hosts used for a linked clone, vGPU-enabled Horizon 6.1 desktop pool and I would like to add a third, Haswell architecture host to this cluster.  I do not have EVC enabled on this cluster because vGPU vm's can't be live migrated, and I have DRS in partially automated mode to distribute the pool vm's at power on.  Can I add a Haswell host to this cluster without turning on EVC and still be able to run the desktop vm's in it without errors?  I am reluctant to turn on EVC at the Sandy Bridge level because I would like to keep all the Haswell features enabled, or would that even matter that much?  Each VM in the automated pool is refreshed immediately on logoff, and each is evenly distributed across the two hosts in the cluster at power on.  Thank you for any comments and recommendations that can be provided.

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That should work fine as long as the GPU can provide the same vGPU profiles as the others.

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