What causes vmotion/evc issue?


I have a cluster of 4 ESXi hosts with identical hardware (CPU:  E5-2698 v4 @ 2.20GHz, ie Broadwell generation). The cluster does not have EVC turned on and I tried to turn it on at the cluster level. However it complains about the ESXi host #3 is not compatible. What's strange is *some* of the VMs on host #3 cannot be vmotioned to any of the other hosts and the error is:

The target host does not support the virtual machine's current hardware requirements. Use a cluster with Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) enabled to create a uniform set of CPU features across the cluster, or use per-VM EVC for a consistent set of CPU features for a virtual machine and allow the virtual machine to be moved to a host capable of supporting that set of CPU features. See KB article 1003212 for cluster EVC information. com.vmware.vim.vmfeature.cpuid.mdclear

All my VMs at this site are either at Broadwell or Haswell levels.

* If I previously vmotioned from a Haswell host to this host, will it cause compatibility issue? That is, Isn't Broadwell backward compatible with Haswell?

* When I look at all these VMs having trouble with vmotion from host #3, they all show EVC Mode is Broadwell, ie same as all the hosts in the cluster. Is it possible there are more than one level within Broadwell causing this incompatibility issue?

*  Is there a way to find what CPU features the VMs have and compare those which can vmotion vs can't vmotion?

Thank you.

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