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Web Client 5.5 features

Hello, Can someone help me to understand what I can and cant do with vSphere Web Client 5.5?

I know vSphere Update manager and some other plug-ins work with Web client.

I couldn't find documentation around this.


Thanks, Jo http://virtualcloudzz.blogspot.com.au/
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  1. No software required (VMware client)
  2. The supported browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome) can be executed from any environment providing Flash Plug-in in the browser.
  3. The new web client supports multiple Vcenter Instances.
  4. The new web client is scalable, to be able to handle thousands of objects.
  5. The architecture of the Vsphere web client supports multiple Vcenter server instances and runs wide range of platform support.
  6. The Object Navigator – the traditional hierarchy changes, where only the conventional top level hierarchy view is maintained on the home screen. Object are now linked and displayed by relationships.
  7. The Work In Progress – you can start working on tasks which can be finished later.( It is nice feature )
  8. Log Browser is a plugin which works directly with the VMware vSphere 5.1 New Web Client. There are some good advantages having the integrated log browser directly accessible through the web client.

               -  Search through logs,Compare multiple logs,Highlight keywords.

You willget more idea form this

vSphere Web Client Videos | United States

VMware Employee
VMware Employee

In Simple word.

In addition above response,

whatever you can do with Desktop client can be done with Web client. In addition to this web client offers some more additional features as described in above response.

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Web Client is the only client that vmware will offer in the future. Try it.


Thanks for all your responses.

I heard there are few things cant do with web client. Is it correct? if yes, can someone explain what are they?

Just for info, we need to install VMware Client Integration Plug-In to do some tasks like opening VM console.


Thanks, Jo http://virtualcloudzz.blogspot.com.au/
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