Virus Detection!

I have downloaded VMware-VIMSetup-2.5.0-U3-English setup files for evolution.

But my AVG Antivirus alert me because of a positive virus detection on autorun.exe (Trojan Horse Startpage.DEP).

I have sent this to analysis.


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AVG Anti-virus Research Lab has analyzed the file(s) you have sent from your AVG Virus Vault. Below you can find the results for each file. The final verdict on the file is either a correct detection or a false positive detection. 

Further information about the verdicts are available at our website:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\VMware-VIMSetup-2.5.0-U3-English\autorun.exe" - detection is correct

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I hope, you can help me on this topic.

And, sorry for my bad English skills Smiley Wink

Best regards


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I see this is an old message. I'm also getting this. How did you resolve this? A post in another thread suggests that they had to uninstall AVG.

Please see

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