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Virtualised vCenter Server - Fault Tolerance - Running SQL Server 2005 locally?

Im considering the pros and cons on having a virtualised vCenter Server 4.0, running SQL Server 2005 locally and doing FT.

I like the idea but am slightly concerned about the secondary CPU, Memory and Log Bandwidth for FT if running SQLServer.

I know its best practice to use a distributed SQL Server but I do like the idea of having 1 box with everything on it. A clone would be made prior to the FT for cold standby.

This is for a production environment with roughly the following sizing:

Number of hosts: 100

Number of virtual machines: 700

Number of clusters: 5

Number of resource pools: 50

Number of Datastores: 10

Number of Datacenters: 2

What are your feelings and experiences of virtualised vCenter Servers using FT. And what do you think about localising the SQL instance?

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If you're just using that SQL instance for vCenter, then you should get some decent response times since everything is local. We used to run our vCenter and SQL instance on the same box and never had any issues with it.

We haven't switched over to a virtualized VC yet, but I know it is a common practice and a supported way of doing things and FT is supposed to be able to handle those "critical servers" so they wont go down such as a database. I see nothing wrong with running that VM as long as you have the resources to manage the FT aspect.

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