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Virtual Center Database Disaster- SQL MADDNESS


Fortunately I'm using my test environment for this. I moved the db from a local sql 2000 installation to a remote sql 2005 server. I followed these steps basically:

To migrate a vCenter 2.5 Server database from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005:

# Stop the vCenter Server service. For more information, see [Stopping, starting, or restarting VirtualCenter services (1003895)|http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1003895].

# Stop the vCenter database on SQL Server 2000.

# Take a complete backup of the vCenter database. Do not skip this step.

# Copy the backup of the database to the SQL Server 2005 host.

# Create a new database on SQL Server 2005.

# Restore the backed up SQL 2000 vCenter database to the newly created database.

# Perform a Change/Repair of vCenter from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

# During the Repair wizard, select Custom and choose the newly created database on SQL Server 2005.

# Ensure that the authentication type used on SQL 2005 is the same as was used on SQL 2000.

Now I can access the db via ODBC, and I'm able to start the VC service. However, when I open the client- I SEE NOTHING. Everything is gone. Totally empty. The data is still there though. I can go into sql 2005 and open the tables and see my hosts and VMs listed. So why can't I see them from the client side?

Please help.


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If you have a blank vCenter instance you either initialized the DB or you are pointing the the wrong one. Also, you are using the SQL Native Driver, correct?

You followed the steps outlined in this KB?


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UPDATE: I threw in the towel.

I tried all kinds of things to get this going- db permissions, users, changing job owners, etc... I was able to break it in different ways but never able to successfully transfer the db from local Sql2000 to remote Sql2005. I enlisted the help of HP, my team, and dbas at the job. Still nada.

Let this serve as a warning that things can go wrong and get 'lost in translation'. Fortunately this was only my test environment, but this experience doesn't give me a lot of faith for the prod migration.

Thanks to all that tried to help.

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