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Vcenter 7.0.1 U1C restore not working



Our vcenter appliace lost due to a host HW failure and the VM backup not reliable too.

So i decided i just restore from the latest own vmware backup.

Deployed the ova file (the same version what we had up and running before, with the same ip, hostname, passwords, etc.), selected the restore options, used an ftp as a source.

Everything was fine, the restore procedure started, but at 93% the progress stopped without any error or anything.

The webui says "Started post restore operations" I see the progress rolling circe and the progress bar at 93/%.

After around a 30 minutes its shows: "Unable to retrieve restoration status. Press retry to restart retrieval."

I click retry and nothing happened, same message. And thats it.

Anybody can help me out where i can find any usefull information about whats happening or whats wrong?


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Edited the backup-metadata.json and removed the ipv6 related part:

"ipv6": [
"interface": "nic0",
"dhcp": false,
"autoconf": false,
"addresses": [],
"defaultGateway": "",
"updateable": true

Then the restore process completed successfully. Im not even use ipv6. This configuration seems like a default leftover to me. Why this broke the restore process? Since this is clearly a bug i was curios so i just deployed a new vm and try to change the network configuration from the console before configuring the appliance. Just as i thought, i cant change it because there is something wrong with the ipv6 part, so even the ipv4 configuration failed to change. When i deployed the appliance i select the ipv4 network and not using ipv6 at all.

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Sounds buggy. Can u engage VMware Support via SR  and upload a full log bundle after reproducing the issue. share SR number here 

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