Vcenter 5.5 - Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server system


I have Vcenter 5.5 All components are installed on 1 server.

Recently, i login in web client and see message

Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems:


No Vms, No hosts!

I check DB, ALL OK!

I check ODBC connectivity to DB - OK!

I restart services, all service are start ok!

I check vpxd.log, No find errors.

I attach log, please help!

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Was that specific vCenter Server part of a Linked Mode group?

You should note that 5.5 is no longer supported or updated, so once you have this fixed you should consider an upgrade to at least 6.5 if you are managing hosts running anything like production workloads.


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Hi @IKirill ,

Please try logging in to Web client using SSO administrator user: administrator@vsphere.local and check the inventory.

If the issue persists, you should consider reviewing the inventory service logs(ds.log)

Windows vC - C:\ProgramData\VMware\Infrastructure\Inventory Service\Logs
vCSA - /var/log/vmware/vpx/inventoryservice

Restarting inventory service and web client service should be the first to try and if the issue persists, take a snapshot and reset inventory service DB --> https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2042200?lang=en_us 

Hope that helps



Thanks for all who reply!

I try to reset Inventory Service database.

Nothing. I see the error again.

In Inventory Service logs i see this:

[2021-01-04 22:46:26,187 pool-5-thread-5 INFO com.vmware.vim.query.server.store.impl.QueryPerfLogger] AFP: Feed processing threshold breached: total: 3358ms buffer: 128ms preparse: 0ms operate: 3206ms commit: 24ms commitNotify: 0ms
[2021-01-04 22:46:26,189 pool-5-thread-4 WARN com.vmware.vim.vcauthorization.impl.provider.InMemoryAuthCache] No resolved ID set for: urn%3Avmomi%3AHostHealthStatusSystem%3AhealthStatusSystem-9791%3A70654DFA-D44D-4104-9E97-27FB6642993C will try to resolve this object later.

Any ideas ?

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VMware Employee

Did u run  the below from   https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2042200  and did it succeed ? 

11. Run the register-is.bat command to update the stored configuration information of the Inventory Service:
register-is.bat vCenter_Server_URL Inventory_Service_URL Lookup_Service_URL

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