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VMware Tools upgrade


i'm using the VCSA 6.5, a ESXi 6.0 Host and want to upgrade all my VM's with the current VMware Tools and noticed something.

After upgrading the tools on the host i have many VM's which are shown the Version 10249 (upgrade available) and a few which are shown Version 10249 (current). (I think it must be current, in german it is "Aktuell".)

The VM's with "upgrade available" i can upgrade with no problems, but the VM's with the old version which is marked as up to date i can't. In the flash Web Client all VMware Tools functions on this VM are greyed out, in the HTML5 Web Client i can only unmount the tools install and in the HTML5 Host Client all is greyed out too.

The only way to upgrade this VM's to the current version is to use the "Windows vSphere Client" (connected to the ESXi host), here i have every time the option to "install/upgrade" the VMware Tools.

Please make this also possible in all the Web-Clients!

Because it will be useful for different things like:

- Uninstalling or reinstall the VMware Tools

- Install Additional Features

- Repair VMware Tools

Thank you very much!

Kind regards


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